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Student erhält "Certificate of Excellence" von Cypress

Prof. Dr. Fromm und Carlos Meier (Masterstudent) erhalten das Certificate of Excellence von Cypress

Carlos Meier, student in the international master program of the faculty of electrical engineering and information technology is awarded the “certificate of excellence” by the company Cypress for his work on developing an industry 4.0 demonstrator, using a laser distance sensor for advanced collision detection, a programmable system on chip (PSOC) for sensor data filtering and an ARM Cortex M4 board for visualization and user interaction. “The complete work was carried out by our students, including the hardware design and layout, software design, GUI and algorithm development. The system worked very stable under harsh conditions during the complete fair, showing the high quality of the students work and attracted very many interested visitors” – says Prof. Dr. Peter Fromm, under whose guidance the project was performed. The pictures shows the handover of the award during the embedded systems fair in Nürnberg.