Studierende im Robotik-Labor

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology - International (Master of Science)

Study Programm Master of Science (M.Sc.) - Postgraduate Studies
Study Duration 3 or 4 Semesters
Language English
Start of study program see Application Process
Admission see Application Process
Pre-Study Industrial Workplacement Not required

Program and focus

Our Master’s course in "Electrical Engineering" offers a superior level of education in the following key areas of modern electrical engineering:

  • automation
  • communications
  • embedded systems and microelectronics
  • power engineering

The general aim is to provide scientific skills and the ability to analyse, develop, and manage complex systems in the field of electrical engineering through the application of scientific methods. The course is aimed at developing in-depth abilities in theory and system-oriented thinking in such a manner that its graduates will have achieved the competencies necessary to enable them to perform, manage and direct research and development tasks as part of their later job responsibilities. All in­struc­tion is held in English so that the graduates are well prepared for their world-wide employment prospects.


Check the videos below for a "moving" introduction to our program


Frau Heike Appel
Herr Peter Fromm
Birkenweg 8
D16, 309

Office hours Monday 12:00 - 13:00

Program information

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