Prepare your stay

You are admitted - your next Steps are:

You can officially say, you are part of the h_da family, but there are still a few more steps to take before you are ready for the first day of class. Below you will find detailed information to get prepared for your stay in Germany and at our University.

After your admission, you have to send us certified documents and pay the admission fee. Details on the required documents, fees and deadlines are provided in KOPLA in the section "Further Information". Once we have received the documents and fees, we will send you the admission letter by courier.

Please note: It is your duty to stick to the mentioned deadlines. Late documents and fees will not be considered!

  • Check you local visa regulations and prepare paperwork
  • Apply for visa interview
    Please note: Depending on your local visa regulations, getting a date for a visa interview might take some time. Therefore make sure that you apply as soon as possible.
  • Apply for APS interview (if required)
  • Secure necessary financial means, if needed, arrange for a bank loan.

    All international students from non-EU countries are required to meet their own living costs while studying in Germany. You may use a blocked account to finance your studies in Germany. The money on this account cannot be withdrawn until you have arrived in Germany. This kind of account is necessary for obtaining/extending your student visa. To apply please make sure that you begin well in advance either with Deutsche Bank or Fintiba.


Darmstadt is located in the Rhine-Main area, one of the most densely populated regions in Germany . As a concequence it is very difficult to find a room, especially if you apply from abroad.

Therefore we provide a limited number of rooms through our partner housing agencies. We highly recommend to book  an accommodation with us. The housing application process is described on our KOPLA portal under "Further Information".

German knowledge is not mandatory before you come to Germany, but it is essential in order to settle into your new environment and to succeed finding a job for your internship and master thesis. Our program ensures that you will be successful in learning the new language.

Here you find out more about our German classes.

We only select the best students. Since our students come from different Universities with different backgrounds we want to make sure that everybody begins his studies on the same level. Since we have high standards we expect from our students that they arrive prepared. In order to do so we compiled about the required technical knowledge.

here is some useful information to prepare your arrival in Germany.