Before you book your flight please consider the following:

  • Take out a travel insurance valid until the beginning of the semester. Your mandatory health insurance starts only with the beginning of the semester.

  • Your data will be transmitted to the health insurance (monthly costs approx. 90 €) by the staff in order to facilitate the enrolment process. The procedure will be finalised by TK upon your arrival.
  • The housing agencies have a lot of move-ins and move-outs as you are not the only student arriving in Darmstadt. You can only move-in with a move-in appointment.
    If you applied for a room via the faculty it is necessary to inform us about your flight details. The faculty will arrange the move-in date for you.

  • Please respect the business hours of your respective housing agency. Late arrivals have to move-in the next possible weekday. It is mandatory to inform your housing agency in case you cannot keep your appointment. If you are a late arrival book a room with the youth hostel in Darmstadt or Frankfurt. Please note that you need to make your reservation well in advance as you are not the only late arrival.

Upon your Arrival:

  • You will sign the original housing contract at the move-in date. Your keys will be issued and you will get a hand-over checklist which has to be signed by you.

  • The most move-outs and move-ins take place on the same day. There is possibility that there are damages in the room. With the key issuing you will receive a handover-checklist. Damages have to be reported and the report has to be signed and sent within the next few days to your housing agency. Please include pictures of the damages. Otherwise the amount of the damage will be deducted from your deposit after your moving out. Make sure to make an appointment with the housing agency to have the damages repaired in due time. Therefore you have to submit your mobile number to the housing agency.

Take the AirLiner airport shuttle bus to Darmstadt central station which runs every 30 to 60 minutes from 4am to 11pm. Darmstadt is only 30 minutes away from Frankfurt/Main airport. The schedule is available on the website of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund.

You will find AirLiner bus stops at Terminal 1 and 2.

Terminal 1:

  • Pick up your luggage on the arrivals level (downstairs)
  • The AirLiner stop is located outside across the street (arrival area B), gate 14

Terminal 2:

  • Pick up your luggage on the arrivals level
  • You will find the AirLiner stop on the street level, arrivals area D & E

Please be aware that you can only purchase the ticket from the bus driver and you have to pay in cash (about 10 €).

The regional airport Frankfurt/ Hahn (HHN) is situated approximately 120 km from Darmstadt. The best way to get to Darmstadt is to take the bus to either Frankfurt central station or to Frankfurt/Main International Airport and to take the train (or the Airliner airport shuttle) to Darmstadt central station.

The faculty is situated in Birkenweg 8, Building D16, 64295 Darmstadt, which is 1,5 km from the central station in Darmstadt.

To get to us walk from the central sation south direction Rheinstraße (B26) and cross the Rheinstraße and follow the Berliner Allee.

Turn left into the Spreestraße and continue.

Turn right into Birkenweg and continue. The entrance to the building is on your right.

The first enrolment will take place in a joint session in the faculty building. The SSC will enrol you. The appointments will be issued by the faculty and will take place during your first week in Germany.

For the enrolment you will need the following documents:

  • proof of legal health insurance in Germany
  • notification of admission
  • receipt of payments of your fees
  • your passport with visa / note of residence
  • possibly original certificates
  • proof of study times

You will receive your enrolment documents and your CampusCard that same day.

Students who arrive after the official enrolment dates:

You have to get enrolled at the SSC in the high rise building C10, ZG, room 31, Schöfferstraße 3, 64295 Darmstadt. Do not forget the above mentioned documents.

Health insurance in Germany is mandatory. Without it you cannot be enrolled or you are barred from stuying. A travel insurance only covers your stay until the semester begins and will not be accepted for the enrolment. The registration for health insurance is part of the enrolment procedure in the winter semester.
Further information about German health care from the German Studierendenwerk. The Brochure is bilingual.

  • A public health insurance in Germany costs around € 90 per month.
  • Our University cooperates with TK Health Insurance, a statutory German health Insurance.
  • By the end of May the faculty will send the application form and the TK contact details to you.
  • You will be asked to complete the application form and send it back to the TK within the mentioned deadline.
  • TK will then confrm your registration to the University.
  • TK finalises your insurance upon your arrival.
  • The insurance covers european-wide.
  • Easy acccess to medical services in Germany (as you will be able to show your European Health Insurance Card).


A public health insurance does not work in your case. Here are two options our students usually choose from:

1. option:
health insurance low budget: Mawista: Our students choose the Student "Comfort Plus" option:

2. option:
Union Health Insurance (this insurance is preferred by our h_da students and the choose the "Optimum" option):

Travel insurances and most of international health insurances will not be accepted for enrolment because they do not have comprehensive health insurance protection according to §5 Article 1 No. 9 of the Social Code V.

Opening a bank account

From Abroad:

All international students from non-EU countries are required to meet their own living costs while studying in Germany. You may use a blocked account to finance your studies in Germany. The money on this account cannot be withdrawn until you have arrived in Germany. This kind of account is necessary for obtaining/extending your student visa. To apply please make sure that you begin well in advance either with Deutsche Bank or Fintiba.

On your arrival:

To pay invoices or your rent you will need an account with a German bank institution.

You may open a bank account with any German bank. Please inquire about possible account maintenance charges before opening an account.  

Get more information from:

Sparkasse Darmstadt
Rheinstraße 10-12
64283 Darmstadt
Tel: +49.6151.2816-0

Register at the Registration Office

All citizens have must register their place of residence at the registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt or Bürgerbüro) usually in the town hall.

Once you moved in to your room you must register at the registration office within one week. This applies every time you move. You should keep a copy of the registration confirmation with you at all times. This serves as proof of address and you will need it, when you open a bank account or when you want to become a member of a library.

To register you need your passport or identification card and your tenancy agreement because you have to give details of your housing agency or landlord.

Register in Darmstadt

Stadthaus Grafenstraße

Bürger- und Ordnungsamt

Abteilung Einwohnerwesen und Wahlen

Grafenstraße 30

64283 Darmstadt

Register in Dieburg



Albinistraße 23

64807 Darmstadt