Bridging Classes

Technical Classes

The Masters course at Hochschule Darmstadt is based on the high standards of the h_da. Based on our previous years' experience, it is highly recommended to prepare the following topics before coming to Germany.

German classes

Although the lectures will be held in English and mandatory German classes will be offered to everybody, we recommend taking some German classes upfront (Level A1 or higher). Why?

  • You will be able to communicate with Germans who do not speak English, e.g. fellow students from the bachelor classes, the friendly lady from the grocery store or the staff from the "Ausländerbehörde".
  • In general it increases your positive cultural experience in Germany, will allow you to find German friends and to dive into the German culture, e.g. by becoming a member in a sports club.
  • Finding an internship, working on a master thesis and finding a job becomes so much easier!

After finishing your studies, good German skills are an extremely important success factor to pave your way into working life. Especially small and medium sized companies will typically require good German skills.

During your studies you will take German classes and you have to reach a mandatory level of A2. However, this level is only a starting point. Depending on your skills at the beginning of the Master's program we will place you in advanced and proficiency classes up to level B2.