Your stay at our University

Our study program is free of tuition fees, which means that regular lectures and labs are paid for by the German state. The only regular costs are the so-called semester fees, which cover your public transportation ticket, the university sports program.

Besides the regular program, we offer a variety of add-ons like German classes, technical bridging courses as well as housing and admission services for which a moderate fee is charged.

Very important: These fees are only due once you are accepted to our program.

The online application is free of charge.

The following moderate  fees have to be paid after you have been accepted.

  • Administrative Fee:
    190 Euros - Deadline 30.04.
    This fee covers processing of documents, courier service for admission letter and general administrative expenses.
  • Accommodation Fee:
    900 Euros - Deadline 15.06.
    This fee is only due if you apply for a room through our services - which is highly recommended. It covers a service charge as well as the rent for September and the appartment's deposit.
  • Course Fee:
    790 Euros - Deadline 31.07.
    This fee is due once you have received your visa and know for sure that you will be coming to the H-DA. It covers the intercultural forums, excursions, German language courses including books and technical bridging classes.

All fees are non-refundable

Please download this document containing a detailed description of the fees.

Cost of Living

Darmstadt is a large university town with several 10,000 students, located in the rural Rhein-Main area. As a consequence, the costs of living are comparable high. You will need an average of 950€ per month for the first 2 -3 semesters. During the internship and master thesis you will typically receive payment from the company where you are located.

 The amount of 950€ is comprised of:

  • Health insurance (mandatory): approximately 80 €/month
  • Room rent: approximately 350 €/month (± 10-15% depending on size of room)
  • Food: approximately 300 €/month
  • Other: approximately 200 €/month

In addition, you have to pay a semester fee to the university, covering your public transportation ticket, sports etc.. For more details please check

To apply for a loan you may use the following document.


As we do not take any tuition fee, we cannot provide scholarships for our students.

The only exception are students who have a refugee status. For this group, we can offer two scholarships for the first semester. For this, please contact the course director Prof. Fromm.

You may check if you qualify for a DAAD or comparable scholarship. Please check the following (partly German) websites for details:

It is recommended to also check local institutions for possible scholarships.

Student Jobs

The master program is a full time presence program, which means that you will spend a reasonable amount of time in lectures and labs. Escpecially during the first semester it is not recommended to work in parallel.

For the second semester,  it is possible to find a student job either at the university or in industry.

  • If you showed a good performance during the first semester and your German skills are B1 or better, you may apply for a bachelor lab tutor position.
  • Some professors might have open research positions in their projects.
  • Several companies around the university offer student jobs.

The Career Center of the H-DA offers special trainings and fairs. The online database contains a variety of job offers.