Our Services

Our aim is to give you the best preparation not only in the perspective of your professional career, but also to get acquainted with the German way of life.  We are aware finding accommodation is a difficult task, especially if you are coming from abroad. We know about cultural differences and the importance of German language knowledge.

Hence our services for accepted students includes:

  • Finding a room in a dormitory for international students.
  • German classes - tuition language of the course is in English, but German knowledge is prerequisite for your internship and future job perspectives in Germany.
  • Intercultural excursions - get to know Germany - by guided tours of historical places and sites.

Student Guides

Our student guides help you to prepare your trip, answer your questions and accompany you during the first days in your new country.


Get a room with our department accommodation service. We have room contingents with several housing agencies and we build the link between you and your future housing agency. Prices on accommodation vary depending on the condition of the place, size and location.

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To dive-in a new culture you need some information about the history of your new environment. On our excursions you will explore the region and learn German's history by visiting Heidelberg and Western Germany's former capital Bonn.

During your studies an excursion to the Embedded World exhibition in Nuremberg will be organised.

Our international Office organises additional excursions which can be attended.

German Classes

In addition to your master studies you will attain German language skills with our experienced German teachers. We offer a well structured program with intensive courses  in lecture-free terms and weekly courses throughout the term for levels from A1 till B1,

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Technical bridging classes

To prepare you for your study program you will receive important information your chosen major.

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