Einzelanzeige Meldung Studienbetrieb

MSE Elective Modules from the new program

 In case you would like to select modules of the new examination regulations (PO2019) we have to differentiate the following cases:

  • if you want to take ADDITIONAL modules (i.e. CPs are not counted to achieve the 120 CPs) this should be no problem in case of availability of lab resources
  • if you want to REPLACE ELECTIVE modules  from the old PO (PO2012/13) with electives of the new PO, you have to agree a learning agreement with the examination office (Prof. Kuhn). Note, that you need 2 subjects of PO2019  to replace one module of PO2012/13 (different sizes).

Note, that replacements are only possible in rare cases as the competences defined in PO 2012/13 have to be achieved. Only module names of PO2012/13 can be printed in you certificate, which means the replacement modules have to cover the content of modules offered in PO 2012/13.