Downloads MSE

Most of the information required for the MSE programme can be found in the Intranet. But like every system, the intranet is grown over time and different structures do exist in parallel. This page tries to provide a central entry point for all information material related to the MSE, covering official templates, course material, tools and similar.

Course Material

Most professors offer their course material as well as old exams and lab exercises in PDF format on their private download page. Due to historical reasons, different servers are in use. The Professors will inform you at the beginning of their lecture how they provide their material.

  • A pretty good starting point to find the download page is to check the moodle website of the faculty.
  • Many Professors have their own Apache Webserver, which you can adress using <name of professor>, e.g. Login and password will be provided during the lecture


Several programs used in classes are also available as student license. A central starting point is Login and password will be provided during class.


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