Exam Rules and Regulations

This page provides all information and contact points related to exams. The  examination board and office are the central point of information for all issues related to exams.

All examination regulations are laid donwn on two levels:

  • University wide regulations - ABPO
  • The special examination rules defined by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology - BBPO

In case you have specific questions related to exams or exam regulations, the examination office and board are available to assist you.

The most important rules in a nutshell

The following list provides a brief overview of the examination rules in effect at h_da. For more details, please check the ABPO and BBPO below.

  • Exams are offered twice per year (February/March+ July/August).
  • You have to register yourself online for every exam you plan to take.
  • Cancellation of an exam is possible until one day before exam. Note: you will automatically be registered for all following exam dates of this exam.
  • Only exams which are not passed can be repeated. After failure, an exam can be repeated twice. After failing the second repetition, a last oral exam will offered.
  • Grading (marks) is according to the German grading system: 1.0 (excellent); 1.3; 1.7; 2.0; 2.3; 2.7; 3.0; 3.3; 3.7; 4.0; 5.0 (failed)
  • A failed module cannot be replaced by another module.
  • In case of illness you have to hand in a certificate from a doctor which has to state that you are unable to take an exam (wording "prüfungsunfähig erkrank") and the original (!) has to be submitted immediately, i.e. the latest the next working day.

Examination Office

Herr Prof. Dr. Michael Kuhn
Birkenweg 8
64295 Darmstadt
D16, 210
Frau Linda Laubscher
Birkenweg 8
64295 Darmstadt
D16, 407

E-Mail Contact

Please use the  Contact Form for your questions and to contact the Examination Office.