Master Thesis

General Information

The Master Thesis is a part of the concluding modul, which contains the master thesis and a colloquium. It is foreseen for the 3rd (MSEIT) / 4th (IMSEIT) semester.

The Master's dissertation should demonstrate that the candidate is able to independently process a problem drawn from the field of electrical engineering and information technology, using scientific methods, within a set deadline. The processing time is 6 months. The thesis shall be written in German or English and always features a summary in English. For further information, please check the examamination regulations (ABPO and BBPO).

Before you can start with your Master Thesis, a formal admission procedure by the examination board is required. Here you find the form sheet for your admission. Please make sure that you fulfil the following formal requirements.

Requirements MSEIT

  • Minimum of 45 CPs OR
  • Minimum of 22,5 CPs from the 1st semester (Only for 2nd semester students!)

Requirements IMSEIT

  • German language test: At least A2 or higher
  • 45 CP (BPS not included)
  • BPS Internship acknowledged